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Privacy Policy
The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) collects and publishes data on every federally insured credit union in the United States of America. We use this publically available information on our web site, and make it available for viewing.

For visitors who do not sign on to our web site, our web server does not recognize information regarding their e-mail address. We do not have access to personally identifiable information related to visitors, unless they have registered as a member. We place cookies on visitors' hard drives to collect agregate generic information about the number of vistors to our Web site and pages viewed. This information is used for analysis of traffic at our site.

For visitors who register on our web site, we ask for name, title, and email address when issuing a log-in name and password. These visitors may receive periodic mailings from us with information on new products and services or upcoming events if they have chosen to do so. On registration, you also have the options of making your contact information, including email address, viewable by other credit union marketing professionals, and/or credit union vendors who have registered on the site. There are currently less than 10 such credit union vendors registered on the site, and in the near future will we make it easy for you to see this list of vendors. We will not make our member's email addresses available to any other companies.

If you do not want to receive email from EverythingCU.com in the future, please let us know by writing us from the contact page found here.

For visitors who sign on to the Web site, we place cookies on their hard drive which are used to maintain the sign on for the duration of the visit. We also use these cookies to track the pages the signed on visitor requests and to deliver EverythingCU.com web content based on the visitor's profile (as provided by the visitor and from NCUA data) and past activity on the EverythingCU.com web site. The usage information we collect as a result of signing on to the web site is not provided to any other organization or company and is used by EverythingCU.com in aggregate for traffic analysis and to provide relevant and customized information to the visitor.

Once the visitor's session has expired (20 minutes from the last activity), EverythingCU.com's cookie on the visitor's browser will enable us to remember who you are the next time the visitor comes to the site (unless the visitor has clicked the Log Out link). Certain site features are available at this level while others are available only with a new log-in name and password verification.

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