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PlumWall is:

  • A way for members and employees to easily share stories about how great your CU is
  • Appears as if it's part of your credit union's existing web site
  • Gives YOU, the credit union, total control over everything that gets posted
  • Makes it easy for your EMPLOYEES to share great CU testimonials as well

    Check out EverythingCU's plumwallStudy after study shows that trusted referrals are the number one source of a company's new business. In today's online world, that means putting testimonials on your credit union's web site. Up until now, having member testimonials on your web site was cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive to execute, resulting in stale, non-credible testimonials with no effect on gaining new members.

    EverythingCU.com announces a way to display and share member testimonials with a product called PlumWall. Instead of a handful of static testimonials that grow stale quickly and are hard to update, PlumWall enables your credit union to truly interact with your members in a social media manner. By making it easy to upload an unlimited number of new, fresh, Credit Union stories from either members or employees, potential members will quickly see that indeed, these testimonials are coming from real, live people like themselves. And of course, the credit union retains control of the stories shared throughout, so that only approved member stories are displayed on the credit union's public web site.

    click to view the full size pictureGetting started with PlumWall is quick and easy. Simply click the order button, and our experts will match your credit union web site's look and feel. (If you are already using the EverythingCU.com switch kit, this step has already been completed.) Then we'll provide you with a link for your web site. Once you incorporate your custom link, it will direct members to a page which is indistinguishable from your own CU site's look and feel, containing the latest credit union stories that your members have shared.

    In addition to your members' stories, PlumWall also features local and national general news stories and features about credit unions.

    PlumWall is powerful, quick, and easy, so sign up to get started with your credit union's very own version of it today!

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