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Features of EverythingCU.com

 Discussion Area

EverythingCU.com has an incredibly active credit union discussion. There are thousands of active participants, and everything having to do with credit unions is discussed here. (Just search for the topic you are interested in!) This unique discussion combines the benefits of a traditional email-only list-serve with the benefits of a web site message board. You can choose to receive immediate email notification, a daily, or a weekly digest. The discussion area is NOT viewable by the public.

 Shared Documents
Over 1500 documents have been contributed by credit union professionals across the country for you to view. Using these documents as a starting point, you can spend less time re-inventing the wheel and more time customizing information to your individual credit union. These documents include member surveys, business development powerpoint presentations, marketing plans and budgets, campaign samples, ROI calculators, donation request guidelines, with more being submitted all the time!

 Find Marketers at Credit Unions Similar to Mine
Have you ever wondered if professionals at other credit unions similar to yours are facing the same issues that you are? Now you can find out... Instantly find colleagues at credit unions similar to yours,, with email addresses and web sites, based on number of members, asset size, or marketing budget. You can customize your search to include only credit unions in your state or region, or to show you only credit unions with registered members of EverythingCU.com. Finding credit union colleagues has never been easier!

You can also see who is visiting this site right now. We have members in the U.S. from Maine to Alaska to Hawaii to Florida. We even have members in Canada, Guam, Australia, the Bahamas, New Zealand, and Wales!

 Great Products for Your Credit Union
EverythingCU.com offers a number of unique, credit union-specific products. Hundreds of credit unions nationwide have been clients of our products since 2003:
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