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EverythingCU.com is the premiere online resource for credit union marketing professionals. Read some of the amazing feedback we've gotten from our members. Check out our scorecard!

Morriss Partee

As the founder of EverythingCU.com (originally CUMarketingDept.com), Morriss is responsible for creating one of the most remarkable forums for the exchange of ideas in credit union history.

Under Morriss' leadership, EverythingCU.com has become the central hub connecting thousands of credit union executives across the country. Working from headquarters in a converted industrial mill in Holyoke, Mass., EverythingCU.com hosts over 6,000 registered members, and is proud to be a pioneer in bringing cutting-edge, engaging web seminars to the credit union community.

In addition to launching EverythingCU.com, Morriss has worked for more than decade as a marketing and design consultant for credit unions and other clients; and has never faltered from putting the members' perspective first. He uses his entrepreneurial experience to help credit unions across the nations in their marketing.


Matthew Taggart

Instead of looking back and writing about what I've been a part of I'd like to look forward and write about what we'll do next. We'll continue to create products that help your credit union function. We'll continue to adjust your community to better fit your needs. We'll continue to listen with intent and do our best to take action. The new home page design is a combination of these things and we're not done. Please contact me if you have ideas/observations, or would simply like to chat. I like a good chat. When I chat with credit union leaders such as Carole W, Cindy, David, Jon, Chad, Sherry, the list goes on, I'm constantly reminded as to why I continue.

Matt@everythingcu.com COO / Product Engineer.

Goal - To bring back the beloved Triple-B.

Adam Lueb

I do all the neat computer stuff.

I helped developed the idea for SwitchTracker and worked with Matt and Morriss to create it. I went to Springfield Technical Community college for an associates in graphic design and a certificate in web development. I learned ColdFusion through an internship and have been doing it ever since 2002. I recently went back to school and got my associates in Business Administration and Hospitality Management.

In my spare time I like to sleep, eat, work out, and play on my PS4. I have met several members of EverythingCU.com and they are all awesome people, and I can't wait to meet more.


Goal - To continue to bring excellent products to our members.

Nate Duval

Nate Duval is our resident graphics expert. With a degree in Advertising Design from Syracuse University, he is well-equipped to help you and your CU create a professional, targeted, branded corporate identity and website design.

When not enhancing and updating the graphics here on EverythingCU.com and helping Credit Union folks around the country with high-quality design soloutions, he makes and creates lots of other art and prints that have been featured in several different books and publications around the world.


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